An Old Head 2

I'm still going through backup CDs and I'm finding artwork I'd forgotten about. Most of these ghastly things will remain hidden, but some will be used as blog fodder. For example:
...This doodle is from 2003 when I was desperately thrashing about, trying to figure out how to paint digitally. I was much more patient back then. This study looks like it was done with care and a very transparent brush, slowly building up the color in subtle glazes. Blech. I find that very tedious now.
...Obviously this was done before I started fiddling around with texture-- maybe I didn't know about texture yet!
...What a rookie. Does her ear look really tiny to you? I think it does.

I believe it's a study of a Tissot painting. I cropped the hat off because it's a more interesting composition. And the hat was really weak.

The End

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