More Characters!

Here are a couple more efforts in character design. I'm being far too precious with these. I want to be doing rougher, less refined drawings but I keep getting wrapped up in unnecessary details. Next time.

Okay, the guy on the right is a bit of a re-hash, but I've been thinking about him again of late. I did this one without looking at my previous drawing. He's an attractive character to me. Skinny, ugly, a fashion rebel... I dig him.

The lady on the left seems a little dull. I had a GREAT time drawing her, but when I finished, she didn't look as cool as I thought she might. Oh well. Love is blind.


  1. I took a tour for your blog ...congratulations for your artwork, really beautiful...


  2. Very nice of you to say so, Ned. Anyone looking at this comment should take a moment and go see Ned's site. There's some VERY amazing work there. Lovely. You'll be glad you did.