I-Sci-Fi Cover Rough Doodles

I'm creating another cover for that little-known, illusory magazine of retro-speculative imaginative fiction, "Interesting Sci-Fi." (For previous I-Sci-Fi efforts, click the "I-Sci-Fi" link in the left column under "Labels.")

This is going to be a big step in the evolution of this (non) publication. No longer will I-Sci-Fi (not) be printed in the tradition of the Science-Fiction periodicals of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Now -- jumping on the coattails of the latest techno-fad -- it will be reformatted to (not) be published on your iPad. The structural paradigm shift involves a slight, dramatic change in the shape this next painting. It's marginally shorter and ready for the future.

I've only found a couple of hours to work on it, therefore I haven't gotten past the "roughs" stage. I should get some time to paint this weekend. I might write a short piece of (lousy) sci-fi to go with it. I have a story idea, but if I can't find the time, I'll just skip that part and make the picture.

I've been looking at "Amazing Stories" magazine covers recently, so I am under the influence of Robert Fuqua,  Arnold Kohn and Robert Gibson Jones. Also, when I'm in this state of mind, I'm always striving to be like Kelly Freas.

To Be Continued...


  1. I haven't got around all the change from paper copy to what seems to be the direction of virtual art. Guess I am old school because I want to hold the paper in my hand, feel the texture, the smell, alter the way I look at it so suit me. I don't have an iPad or any other of the same but I can see in the future having one. As long as I can buy a magazine, book or other I will.

    Must be a whole new world for your art!

  2. I wish I could give up books! I still go to the half-price bookstore every week or two and buy old novels from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I love the smell and the texture, too. Space is beginning to be a problem, though. I do purge the collection from time to time, but not like I should. There will be an appallingly large pile of foul-smelling paper to dispense of, if I live another 20 years. Just toss in a match and cremate me on the spot, I figure.

    The ipad is marvelous, though. Reading digital books didn't appeal to me at all until I could hold the computer in my hand. No smell, no texture; but the ease of sitting down, skimming through an entire collection of books without having to get up and pick up the next one... bliss. It is comfy and convenient, but the wife hogs the thing and I want my own! Really expensive, though.

    So, I'm straddling that divide. I like them both. I think the price of books will keep them around for a long time. If tablets ever drop to 50 or 100 bucks, then the book may die.

  3. Really nice , looking forward to the final.