I-Sci-Fi Cover Rough Doodles

I'm creating another cover for that little-known, illusory magazine of retro-speculative imaginative fiction, "Interesting Sci-Fi." (For previous I-Sci-Fi efforts, click the "I-Sci-Fi" link in the left column under "Labels.")

This is going to be a big step in the evolution of this (non) publication. No longer will I-Sci-Fi (not) be printed in the tradition of the Science-Fiction periodicals of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Now -- jumping on the coattails of the latest techno-fad -- it will be reformatted to (not) be published on your iPad. The structural paradigm shift involves a slight, dramatic change in the shape this next painting. It's marginally shorter and ready for the future.

I've only found a couple of hours to work on it, therefore I haven't gotten past the "roughs" stage. I should get some time to paint this weekend. I might write a short piece of (lousy) sci-fi to go with it. I have a story idea, but if I can't find the time, I'll just skip that part and make the picture.

I've been looking at "Amazing Stories" magazine covers recently, so I am under the influence of Robert Fuqua,  Arnold Kohn and Robert Gibson Jones. Also, when I'm in this state of mind, I'm always striving to be like Kelly Freas.

To Be Continued...