Bridge and Tunnel Buddies

Way too cute. I didn't think it would be this cute, but it is.

I feel this illustration is an example of failure by impractical expectation. I had this vision of about 30 or 40 people on the San Francisco side laughing and dancing and having a great old time. I envisioned a Golden Gate Bridge, a Palace of Fine Arts and maybe a Coit Tower in there. Alas, time ran out on me, but only because it was a bad idea to begin with.

I had the assignment a month in advance, but the time to work on it never materialized. Too ambitious. I should know better by now. I didn't have a clear design plan until two days before it was due and I think about 70 to 75 percent of the drawing/coloring was done in the final 24 hours – I can work fast; I'll give me that.

A few screen shots taken as I worked through it.

How it looked on paper.
I think this is a case where an audience can perceive what I was trying for; what I was hoping for:

"Hey, this guy is doing one of those map illustrations with cartoon people and cartoon landmarks. Those are cool! But, well, I only see Treasure Island and the top of the pyramid, though. Oh, and a cable car. Is that supposed to be Tim Lincecum? Bleh. Jeez, this isn't very good."

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'll try to do better on the next one.

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