I-Sci-Fi: The Guardian of Pana-NaNonJii Temple

Alright. Done! I'm calling it done.

Shortly after posting the exploratory roughs for this piece, I decided what I posted wasn't very good. I almost dumped the whole idea. But a couple of people bothered to comment, so I felt like someone was watching. Had to follow through.

I don't know if this improves on my original ideas, but I had great fun. I really enjoy this nonsense. And the research is the best part. It's a joy for me wander the web and take in all those wonderful collections of classic science-fiction magazine and novel covers. It tickles my eye and I like nothing better than having my eye tickled; it improves my energy and my disposition.

I started typing an excerpt from F. Webber Slingbrook's featured story, but I don't think I'll have the time to get very far with it. Maybe later...

Any comments, criticisms and wise-guy remarks are welcome.

I should note that I don't quite know what it is the guy is wearing. I put it on him and he seemed comfortable with it.

*     *     *     *     *

Here's what it looks like without the text covering up some of the bits I don't want you to see. Hm. I should have put a temple or something in the background to tie it in with the title. Ah, well...