Diaper Party

Edit, Aug. 20, 2014. Original post Sept. 13, 2011

I'm revisiting this post because it has received a rash of hits lately. I don't know why, but since it's been getting so much attention -- a lot more than anything else I've done lately -- I thought I should say something. The original text was a bit goofy, complained too much about my job and hadn't aged well at all; so I might as well drop by, say "Hi" and improve the reading a bit.

What I didn't mention in the original post was while I worked on this illustration, I learned that I was going to be a father. When I first read the story and began the rough I thought "What a bunch of dorks. Men don't have diaper parties." By the time I was coloring it, I was thinking, "Who could I invite?"

The old post had this paragraph to describe what was happening in this picture:

"What's going on here? There is a growing trend among men to have "diaper parties" for new fathers. It's the usual gathering of guys, but everyone brings diapers. I know; I've never heard of it either, and I don't believe it! I've been assured it's true, and yet still am I skeptical. But skeptical or not, I have a job to do!"

Dismay and skepticism turned to acceptance and inclination all on account of a little sonogram. Well, I never had a diaper party, but I sure could have used one.

Here's how it looked in the paper.

I probably didn't think much about the style of illustration and just went with my natural Jack Davis wannabe look and kept drawing until the deadline stopped me.

Drawn and colored in Photoshop!

The End

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