Quick Study

I've grown tired of typing "I haven't had time to do any art lately," so I got up extra early and started on this study. Then I came home from work and hacked away on it again. I probably worked it too much -- I liked it a lot better about twenty minutes before I "finished" it. But there! I've finally done something.

Tough hombres, a blue sky and happy little twigs.
This is referenced from a screen capture of "Once Upon A Time In The West." It's a very dark and heavy film by Sergio Leone -- I believe it was his last western. Good stuff. Charles Bronson is our hero and the villain is Henry Fonda. You'll never look at Fonda the same way again. Meanest, cruelest, most despicable bad guy in any movie, ever.

Well, maybe not ever, but you won't believe the horrible things Henry Fonda does. I can't even tell you because you wouldn't believe me.