1st ArtRage Painting

I had a moment of weakness the other day and bought the painting program ArtRage. I can't tell you how broke I am. There was no reason for it. "Normally $80, on sale for $50" it said. I lunged at the keyboard and clicked the "Buy Now! Buy Now! For God’s Sake, why is this taking so long? Buy Now!" button.

Stinging from a hard cold slap of buyer's remorse, I forced myself to stay up late after a long, miserable work day and made myself use it! As in, "If you're going to throw money away on stuff like that, you're going to use it whether you like it or not!"

Hey. It's kind of cool. I like it. It was difficult finding my way around the brush controls and palettes, but it has a different vibe than photoshop. Here's my first attempt at a portrait. It took about three hours of painting and manual reading, and it's not great, but I had a good time. About $50 worth of good time, dammit.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely done , I occasionally muck about with Artrage too , it can look quite natural at times. Esp the oils.