Google's Makeover

I almost forgot about this one. It ran early December in the business section on a Sunday, I think. The story was about Google's ongoing attempt at re-branding. I was aiming for a cut-out, collage-style illustration and, looking at it now, I don't think I did well with it.

The assignment was given as a rush-job, and I started working directly, believing it was needed now! I ended up getting more time to work on it than advertised, but I didn't use the time to re-think the approach. I fiddled with painting and re-painting the dress but didn't exert mental effort on more important aspects.

I really regret my handling of the main figure's hair; it should be a much more interesting design than it is. That was a close-to-deadline change, as she had the same hair-style as the figures in the background and it dynamically stand out from the crowd. A good idea, but done in haste and without a critical eye on my part.

Found a picture of how it looked when it printed. Hm, I guess that looks alright. A thoughtful page-designer can prop up a mediocre illustration!

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