Spotted Gar

Here's an illustration I did for a graphic at work. It's a spotted gar.

Open in new window for a huge-mungous version.

The graphic featured two other fish, for which we had artwork, but there wasn't any usable art for this species. The other fish were painted, I believe, in gouache, and they are wonderful, classic wildlife illustrations.

I wanted to emulate that look, but there was a firm early evening deadline and a long department meeting to hurdle. And, since the image was destined to be reproduced at about 2 and a half inches wide in the paper, I attacked the illustration in my usual hasty manner. I'm happy to say that, squished down that small, my fish looked just like the other tiny fish!

The End.

Personal note: I've said this before, but I'm determined to try to improve my output here. I'll keep typing that promise and maybe I can shame myself into getting more done. I am in a horrible art-slump and I'm not sure what I can do about it at the moment. I'm finding almost zero time for personal work lately, and the commute-work-commute thing is really bumming me out. Ah, well. Less whining, more drawing is probably the answer. Chins-up! 

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