So, What Will Happen To My Blog?

This was fun. It's another instance where I set out to draw something that didn't look at all like something I would draw. I created a strange photoshop brush -- a brush that was different from most of the brushes I usually work with -- and I was determined to use that brush alone. Of course, I fudged and used another one for the leafy bits downstage, but I didn't retreat to the comfort of my traditional toolset.

Click for a MUCH larger version!

The story touches upon the growth of online memorials for those who have passed on. It also considers what could happen to your website and blogs should you fall off the grid and into the grave without a backup plan.

Here's the story by the fine writer, Brandon Bailey. And here's what it looked like on the page:

Here's a little bit of the detail:

The End.

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