Trying to Pick Up the Pace

Ugh! October already.

This year has been exciting and positive for my personal life, but professionally it has been a bleak disappointment. My working life reeks of stagnation, frustration and doom. I've failed to get out of the starting blocks on a few personal projects. I've had three freelance nibbles, but none of them blossomed into actual work.

And, to address the matter immediately at hand, I'm way behind on what I'd hoped for concerning this blog. The blog is supposed to be an exercise for the charging of my batteries, a journal for my art and my thoughts about what I'm doing. But I've sputtered and lost the habit of drawing for myself. 2012 isn't my least prolific blog-year, but it's a step backward.

So, let's see if I can't pick up the pace again.

Here's a bit of a character study I'm doing. She's almost done and there's another one standing next to her that's about half-done. I'll post the finished versions when I get there!

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