Working Under a Watchful Eye

Here is a quick post, late night, under the influence of nighttime cold medicine. I'm suffering from a terrible bug and I'm trying to reassemble myself for work tomorrow after a vacation decimated in large part by the illness that harries me now. But enough about me; here's one of my drawings done for work:

Open in a new window for a HUGE image!

And here is a link to the excellent story written by Steve Johnson. It's a story that is somewhat disturbing and a trend that will continue.

I suppose my little cartoon makes light of the topic, but I tend to shrug and laugh when faced with the darker side of employer/employee relationships, and I won't say any more about it than that because, after reading the story, I'm certain they're listening! ;-P

Here's my original rough sketch.

As a laughing colleague (or two) pointed out to me, I have, again, drawn naked people for a front-page centerpiece. This is a disturbing trend that I do not approve of, mostly because it may betray some tacky thing about me that I was, and still am, unaware of. The doodle above was my first idea after reading the story. I submitted it to those in charge and -- much to my surprise -- it was approved and there was nothing to do but to do it.

I kid of course; unless you can tell me what's wrong with me.

Here's how it looked in the paper:

Drawn in MangaStudio 5 with a touch or two of Photoshop.

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