All pets go to Heaven

New thing done for a story about current trends in how we give our pets their final sendoff. It will run in over the weekend in the Oakland Tribune and the rest of the ANG papers.

This one was unusual for me in that I drew & inked the characters on paper instead of straight into photoshop. I've been having shoulder pain for the past half-year or so and I think that working all day in front of the computer with my 4x6 wacom has contributed to that. It isn't as bad as the wrist problems I was having working with a mouse but I often come home and work a few more hours on my own stuff-- that's probably been my problem.

So, in the interest of staying healthy I've been working the old fashioned way for my latest projects at work and it seems to help a bit. It's even kind of fun. But I'm not used to this buildup of pencil lead and ink-spots on the side of my hand– I've got to learn to stop wiping my brow with that stuff.

The end.