Bad dream, bad drawing

Weird week.

It seems that when I wasn't at work or sleeping, I was cooking dinner, doing the dishes or taking care of laundry. On one of my days off, as I lounged and waited for a load of clothes to dry, I dozed ever-so-slightly and had a dream about a drawing I made a long time ago, which looked like this, but without the eyeball cat. During that doze, however, he was there with a toy mouse. I bloodied it up just because.


  1. Hi , Jeff ( ^ ^ )
    Thanks for visiting to my blog previously.
    I viewed the contents of your site (Jeff Durham Dot Net!).
    I was amazed by your imagination and originality.
    Your artworks inspire creativity of me.
    It is very interesting what you are thinking or feeling in your
    drawing .

  2. Thanks for the very kind words, Mayo. I think you've cheered me up!

  3. To tell you the truth, I think I liked the rougher version better. It wasn't nearly as dark was it?

  4. True! It was not nearly as dark and did not have the eyeball-for-a-head kitty. That ALONE makes it much better than the other version.