Little Pond, Big Ol' Frog

...I've been going through old files again, and I've found almost all of a 16-page comic that I did about 10 years ago.

...Here are two consecutive pages; you might need to know that the character-- a D&D-style fantasy adventurer named "Iggy"-- is hunting up an evening meal for his pals and he has decided that frog's legs would be just the thing! He's heard a loud throng of frogs off in the distance and is excited by the prolific croaking in the air.
...I did this project because I wanted to try to get some work as a comics artist. So I got serious about it and, in about a month (while still showing up at my regular job,) I drew & inked 16 full-size pages, scanned them in and pieced them together on my cutting-edge Macintosh 7500.
,,,My wife chipped in and colored several pages-- she is also an artist and her deft hand made completion of the project possible. I printed out a bunch of color copies on a home printer and wandered off to a convention. How can you beat a minicomic, with a full story, art and colors?
...Because of a certain distaste for the mainstream of the time, I wasn't interested in super-hero comics and I thought my presentation might be a breath of fresh air amidst the horde of Image-style wannabees who were ubiquitous at the time. Boy, was I wrong-- I didn't seem to impress anybody.

...We learn that the giant frog is a Great Wizard; loser in a battle with a Greater Wizard who saw fit to lay upon him the most classic of curses. On these pages, he tells us of the torments of his life as a frog:
...Looking at this today, I kind of like it. I enjoy it in the way that I enjoy the efforts of other artists; I don't remember most of the work that went into it and it doesn't look much like something I'd do now-- it's strange and surprising to me. So, hey, that's a pretty cool comic! Like the frogs. How does it end?
...If I can find all of the lettered and colored pages I might make a low-res pdf of it just for kicks, and post it here if blogspot accommodates that kind of thing.

The frog is slowly regaining his powers and, given time, he hopes to rule the lands of men! Well, he's not quite powerful enough to mesmerize our hero the way he has all of the creatures who live around the moat, and that is his fatal mistake. Our hero ends the menace to mankind and brings back to his friends the largest, most delicious frog's legs of all time!
The End.

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  1. Truly awesome my friend. I too am interested in doing comic work, but I just can never come up with a story I am passionate about enough to draw...I just need to suck it up and draw something you know?

    Great work, I would buy a copy :)