Christmas Carol Contest

Same kind of deal as last year. The newspaper asks the readers to send in "re-imagined" lyrics for classic Christmas songs, and the editors look 'em over, pick their favorites and run them in the paper. You can sing along at home!
...It's good fun and gets a lot of response from the readers. This year the "winning" entry was performed by the Acalanes high school choir and posted on the Contra Costa Times website... somewhere in there. I can't find it, but it's there.

...This one isn't as much fun as the illustration I did for last year's contest. Conceptually, it doesn't quite fit the theme of the thing the way the other one did. This was my first idea-- not always the best idea in my creative process-- but I didn't have time to come up with anything else. I started working on the final version toward the end of one shift and I stayed up most of the night to get it done.
...I was inspired by the notion of playing Santa as Pavarotti, and thought it would be fun to have a small orchestra of elves sitting behind the crooning Claus. Perhaps they would all be playing toy instruments, or perhaps just fist fulls of bells. At 4 a.m. I decided an elf orchestra wasn't going to happen. So, I my sights on an elf trio consisting of a violin, a cello and a one man band, with a drum, ukelele, kazoo, cymbals, etc.
...I was tired and running out of time, so I said: "a triangle will do." Maybe it's not as funny as a one-man-band but the triangle turns it into a more subtle joke. One of those subtle, unfunny jokes, perhaps.
...For my newspaper job I always work in photoshop and with many layers; it allows me to move things around and to scale the seperate pieces in order to accommodate the needs of the page designers, even at the last minute. For this project I had to scale the elves way down to get the final page layout to work but I was very happy with it.
The End

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