Quick Sketch

...I listen to Old Time Radio quite a bit, and one of my favorites is "Frontier Gentleman," starring John Dehner. He's an English journalist writing for the London Times about his adventures in the American West. The stories are full of gold mines, saloons, cowboys, Indians, and gunfighting-- great stuff.

...I found a picture of Mr. Dehner, dressed as the Frontier Gentleman character, J.B. Kendall, and did a quick sketch in photoshop. Makes me wonder if they made a movie.
...Dehner also played Paladin in the "Have Gun, Will Travel" radio show-- not quite as good, but still fun. He was a regular performer on the "Gunsmoke" radio show (maybe the best over the airwaves drama-- radio or tv-- of all time!) and, after a quick glance at imdb.com, it looks like he was in over 250 movies and TV shows. Busy guy. Great voice. (Oh, I just read that he started his career as an animator for Walt Disney. Cool-- on top of everything else he likely was able to draw much better than I can!)
...I spent about 10-15 minutes on this doodle, not aggressively pursuing a likeness, but just drawing for the fun of it. I hope to do more loose studies and fun work for posting and this is a step in that direction.
The End.

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