A & E Cover

Another Contra Costa Times Arts and Entertainment section cover. This goes with the feature written by CCT columnist Tony Hicks (his blog here) about our culture's celebration of stupid behavior.
...This was a quick turnaround. One of the editors asked for a little help on the cover design and I volunteered to do an illustration. I had about a day and a half advance on it, but there were a few other chores that kept me from getting a comfortable stretch of time on it; I'm sure I didn't get more than about six hours to do this, a couple of those hours came at home.
...That's not a complaint.
...I'm sure you've heard about the desperate situation that the newspaper industry is in, and newsroom is days away from what could be a massive round of layoffs; I'm terribly uncertain if the on-the-fringes-of-journalism talents that I bring to the table are going to be considered worth keeping. I am seeing each opportunity to contribute as a possible last opportunity.
...Although, for many years, it's been a regular part of my job to make graphics and artwork for entire section covers, for the front page, for the various sections, I feel that maybe I've taken the coolness of it all for granted. When you're looking at a project as your last project it kind of brings your critical eye directly to the front.
...I hope I get another cover in, this one's okay, but I think I can do better!
The ENd.

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  1. Looks great to me, but then again I think everything you do is pretty great!

    Third Thursday this month for sure!