Sketchbook Head Posts Combined...

Posted these heads individually before, but it made for a tedious series of readings/lookings. So I bundled them up into one post.

Superman and Tarzan
Superman and Elmo Lincoln, the first guy to play Tarzan

Tor and Coleman Hawkins
I recently bought the six issues of TOR that were published by DC Comics in the mid-'70s-- they consist mainly of reprints of Joe Kubert's TOR stories from the '50s, but the first issue had a new (for '75) story. How can you go wrong with cavemen and dinosaurs? You can't. And now, after reading the books again, here at my desk, listening to the Coleman Hawkins CD, making these two head drawings-- I think every time I look at TOR, every time I think about cavemen and dinosaurs, I will hear jazzy big band swing music in my head.
... That's cool.

Boris and a Mandan Indian
Referenced from a Boris Vallejo painting and a book about American Indians.
...In my youth I yearned for a copy of "The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo," published in 1978. Though I saw it many times, I never had the right amount of money at the right time. 10 bucks was a heap of cash! I found a copy in a used book store this year-- 5 bucks! Patience paid off.

A Woman and A Face in the CrowdA couple of more faces from the Time-Life Old West books.

Hiram Revels and a Woman
Made a real effort to throw down some watercolor on these drawings. Total disaster. The paper rebelled and my lack of skills made it worse. I started to try to fix it in photoshop but I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Ugly.
...I tried out a Bienfang watercolor brush pen for the drawing of Mr. Revels; I wasn't really happy with how it worked out. It was not the pen's fault, but I considered the drawing a loss and thought I might as well put more watercolor on there-- it couldn't possibly be worse! Well, wrong again.
The End

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