More heads

...I sketched these one morning, killing half an hour or so before having to start the annoying and evil commute to work. In the interest of making these doodles more interesting I stained them in P-shop the next day.
...They are inventions. No reference was involved, nor was there any desire to make them look like anyone in particular. It's just an exercise in improvisational noggin drawing.


More heads, but they are from reference. My routine for these is to image search a name and then draw from any portraits of interest-- for example, "Lawrence" are the names of the two guys at the top left.
...This is an exercise in filling up a sketchbook full of head studies. It's fun and I think it's good practice; but most of all I hope it gives me a broader knowledge base when I invent my own characters, as in the previous picture.

The End.


  1. great work! and also a great idea (filling a sketchbook with head studies)

  2. Hey Jeff, after doing a practice like this have you ever saw any one in public or on the web who looked liked the doodle? I think that would be odd.

    (This is Ryan F. Yup, I spy your blog time to time. How are you?)