Sunday Morn, On Coffee and Geeking Out

The head on the left was a conscious attempt at Sherlock Holmes. "Don't make him look like Basil Rathbone," said I, to myself, knowing full well how susceptible I am to the gravity of Rathbone as Holmes. "Jeremy Brett is also a danger," I whispered as I shaped the brow. This useless inner dialogue resulted in the loss of the hawk-like nose and though he does not resemble Rathbone nor Brett, neither does he look like my idea of Mycroft's less intelligent, but more energetic, brother. He's just some guy, I suppose.

...On the right, the Queen Bee, my attempt at a portrait of the Ditko character from Pacific Presents #1-- one of my favorite comics. It features the third chapter of Dave Stevens' "Rocketeer" and is backed up by Steve Ditko's "Missing Man meets the Queen Bee!" I biked to the comic shop, saw it on the rack and was delighted. My favorite new artist and The Great Ditko, together in one book. And now, 25 years later (26? Yikes), it's tacked up on the wall above my drawing table!
...I bought two, absolutely certain this would be a highly sought after issue in the decades to come. One copy to read and study and savor, and one copy to keep in prime condition so that I would one day be able to trade it for a fancy car, or a private jet, or-- even better-- Action Comics #1. Looking it up on ebay I see that I might have to hold onto that second copy for a little while longer-- you can still get one in good shape for about the cover price. Oh, well.

The End.


  1. Nice ones, I'm really diggn' the Queen Bee.

  2. Is the blonde girl Karen O?

    A blond Miss O.

  3. Thanks, D.
    Hey Rybot-- Whoa! That IS retty close to the drawing, ainnit? (Might've been a better drawing if I'd've seen her first.)