More Head Doodles

For the two heads on the bottom, I was looking at an old photograph. I didn't try to do portraits but they came out pretty close to the pictures anyway. I avoided their hats, not out of fear (for they were very fancy hats) but because I had to leave for work.
...Then I did the top two, no reference. Freestyle. The bottom faces look more "real," I suppose, but that's only because they were.


  1. I followed your link from Cheek's blog (

    He went to grade school with a teacher [Chris Sagovac.blogspot)in my Comic Book class this semester @ Webster Univ. in St. Louis.

    I just wanted to say I really dig your art. Especially this drawing. What material did you use for this?

  2. Say, Essince,

    Glad you like the works. These heads were drawn on a sheet of plain old typing paper. I inked the top two with a quill pen and left the bottom just pencil.

    Then into photoshop for color and texture, trying to dress up the presentation a bit.