Spring Training

Here is a photoshop drawing for a story about how baseball seems to have it easier than other sports when it comes time for training camp.
....Football players have their Two-a-days, weight training, blocking sleds, ice baths, day after day after day. Basketball players practice constantly; seemingly endless drills and scrimmages.
....Baseball's spring training is tame by comparison. Players chat with fans, shag flies in the outfield, slowly and leisurely getting into game shape-- whatever that means to a baseball player.

... It's kind of a soft, cute illustration, I admit. I had plenty of warning that the assignment was coming, and I should have come up with something meatier, if you know what I mean.
....Alas, I made no meaningful headway until the day before it was due. I hadn't spent quality time with the concept so I ad-libbed it a bit. Turned out okay, I guess.
....Had a lot of fun drawing the characters! Runs Wednesday, February 11th in most of the SF Bay Area MediaNews newspapers! Get a copy! Bound to be a collector's item for sure!


  1. I love this. The butterfly is just the extra dirt kicked in those other guys' faces.

  2. Hey M,
    Shoulda maybe put a cheesedog and a beer in there somewheres, too. Oh if only there were more time...