Work In Progress: Norman Finch

I'm trying to finish a short comic I was working on a few years ago. I did a full-color, half-page installment every week or two for a few months and posted it on my website, and I had a good time with it. I composed it entirely on the computer, from story to rough to final, in an attempt to teach myself how to go about doing such a thing.
...I stopped working on it because of a long-term freelance job, which was followed by a huge increase in commute time at my regular job. This was back in the days before the blog and the social network site had become ubiquitous-- and I wasn't even sure what that was all about-- so not very many (if any) people saw it.  I don't think anyone ever responded to my plea at the end of each installment to email their thoughts on the project. It was disappointing that nobody said anything. And it's a pretty dull story to draw-- there are a lot of talking heads; so that, too, hastened the inevitable loss of interest.
...I've held onto the idea of starting it up again when I felt I could generate the momentum to finish it. A few months ago I decided that I'd try to complete this and another short project to include in a comic that I could show at WonderCon. Well, illness and accident destroyed all of January and I probably won't get it done in time, but I'm still trying to ride that good intention.
...Here's the panel I did yesterday morn! I'll post the whole thing at some point, or make a pdf available with a cover and all that stuff. I might make a little book, too.

The End.

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