Yawn. More Heads.

Here are a few more head doodles. I think I'm really digging on the top-left's hairstyle/beardstyle, so much so that I've drawn it twice now (see yesterday's post.) Maybe I'll hide the razor for a few months and see if I can get that look going in the real world. It'll be a big hit with all the cool kids, for sure!

I've had a very busy Jan-April, and although I've managed to throw a few little drawings and works up on this blog, I'm determined to do some work with a bit more meat to it. Heads are fun but they don't really do much, do they? I'll see about cranking out some full-figure stuff and maybe even some backgrounds. You know, real drawing-- not this weak doodleshtuff I've been tossing around. S'fun tho.

Pencil, brush and P-shop colors!

The End.

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  1. P-shop must be fun to learn. I like the drawings, but your signature is neat!