Blah. Heads Again.

As I keep mentioning, I've been too busy to draw. It's been MONTHS since I've done anything of substance for myself. I doodled a few heads in October, scanned them, and they've been rotting on my desktop ever since. Once in a great while I took a moment to stain one with color, but only tonight did I completely fill them in.

I was going to write a short blurb for each head, perhaps inventing a name and brief history for each of these fellows, but it might be months before I'd finish that chore. So, here they are. Such as they are.

Pencil, pen, ink, photoshop!


  1. Pretty sure I have seen the first guy on the news (not in a good way). Second guy works on a ranch somewhere in Montana and has an addiction to Diet Pepsi, Third guy is a young Charlie Manson. Fourth guy was the first to die in Star Trek Episode 23. Fifth guy is a middle school science teacher that lives with his mother. I just purchased a pencil from the last guy at the local art store.

  2. You make it seem so easy...