New Characters, New Directions

I recently watched a character design tutorial and I was totally inspired. The process that this particular artist and company go through in order to create characters seems to be a natural extension of what I do just for fun. I'm going to work on creating a portfolio of characters and see if I can head in that direction, professionally speaking.

Photoshop drawing/painting.

So, here are 3 characters I've done in the past day and a half. There is a tendency for my creations to be slightly silly, and I think that's somewhat apparent here. I love slightly hokey sci-fi and pulp art, and the sense of humor that it has, but I'm going to try to resist that tendency and see if I can get "darker," more serious. I probably can't, but I'll take a shot at it.

I worked on the two male characters in the fashion I watched on the tutorial, and the woman I based on a character I have been working on for a personal comic project.

Do they look convincing? Would they be good enough for the first or second stage of design?

I should have given the woman a large laser-rifle; she doesn't look contemporary, western, or sci-fi. Just kinda goofy.

Oh well. The next one will be better. Maybe.

The End.