New Characters, New Directions

I recently watched a character design tutorial and I was totally inspired. The process that this particular artist and company go through in order to create characters seems to be a natural extension of what I do just for fun. I'm going to work on creating a portfolio of characters and see if I can head in that direction, professionally speaking.

Photoshop drawing/painting.

So, here are 3 characters I've done in the past day and a half. There is a tendency for my creations to be slightly silly, and I think that's somewhat apparent here. I love slightly hokey sci-fi and pulp art, and the sense of humor that it has, but I'm going to try to resist that tendency and see if I can get "darker," more serious. I probably can't, but I'll take a shot at it.

I worked on the two male characters in the fashion I watched on the tutorial, and the woman I based on a character I have been working on for a personal comic project.

Do they look convincing? Would they be good enough for the first or second stage of design?

I should have given the woman a large laser-rifle; she doesn't look contemporary, western, or sci-fi. Just kinda goofy.

Oh well. The next one will be better. Maybe.

The End.


  1. I think at the end of the day, she stands out the most (despite the height challenge).

    The sweater vest matches the shirt...just too styled for me. Push her even more quirky!

  2. Yeah, she needs a little more weirdness. Total steel, spindly robot legs is what I was thinking, but I was trying to keep to a time limit on these three and the inspiration came too late...