I-Sci-Fi: All Her Secret Felonies Go... POP!

Painted, as always, in Photoshop. How did people make art
before they invented the iMac? I can't imagine…
I've been goofing around with this illustration on the side for a while. Today, I noticed it would fit pretty nicely within my I-Sci-Fi layout. I didn't have to tweak the composition at all! Happy accidents.

I'm revisiting the work of Richard M. Powers, an artist who did hundreds of paperback covers during the 60s. (This gentleman has a fabulous collection of his work here.) Powers had a very abstract and graphic approach to his painting and design. I haven't seen much of that in the digital age, but I hope it comes back.

There seems to be a swing toward "realistic" computer art again. It looks glossy and it flows from mind to canvas without the quiver of the human hand to give it life. I'm not much better. This is my cautious lean in Powers' direction, without giving up the computer. (I hate getting my hands dirty.)

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  1. How did people make art before the iMac?! Seriously Jeff...I may have to buy you some paper and crayons to get your childhood firsts back. On the bright side (which this was quite colorful) you don't have to crumple the paper up when you make a "mistake" but can "undo". Now that is handy.