Today's (Weak) Doodle

Loooong workday ahead. 8 a.m. and it's hot already. Almost too hot to sit in front of a computer. Totally uncomfortable. Later today, when I go to work, it will be 95 when I get out of the car, but I'll have to wear a coat and maybe a hood to keep my ears warm inside the building because the AC will be cranked up and I sit in a spot where the office's atmospherics produce a jet stream that dips down and puts a layer of frost on the top of my head.

But, enough about me. Here's an ipad drawing. By me.


  1. Why has Apple made so many fun toys? I want an iPad...I really need to get a grip's not good of me to have these thoughts.

    I don't envy you working on a Sunday however...even with your toys.

  2. ItI is NOT a toy. it is a tool.
    But War Pinball is most awesome. You can even tilt the machine by shaking the iPad! It is great.
    But NOT a toy.
    SimCity is great, too! And that app of old Atari games. And that race car game I downloaded is pretty good. Etc.