Unfinished Work

Here's a panel from a comic I started working on few months ago. Alas, again -- and I know I'm saying this way too often -- I just haven't had any time to work on it.

And, again, rather than let the artwork (and the blog) do a Rip Van Wrinkle, here it is. Someday I'll get back to being a productive artist and things will improve around here.


  1. Y'know...I'm pretty bad about keeping up with people's blogs but every time I come back to yours I am just reminded of how great your work is! Thanks for sharing it with us and keep it up amigo!

  2. Thanks Alex! Needed a little encouragement today. Totally grumpy. Much better now!

  3. Really liking the overall feel and tone of this. the drawing looks confident and relaxed . Not an easy thing to achieve.