Happy 2012!

Referenced from a screen capture of “A Piece of the Action;”
I’m not sure but it might be my favorite Star Trek episode.

I started this painting last night after work, but only managed to stay awake for about half an hour. I blocked in the shapes, started on Nimoy's hat and fell asleep at the keyboard.

I got home tonight and felt too tired to work again, but I fought through and put in about two hours, give or take a few. 

I was aiming to finish the painting and post it before midnight. I'm going miss that by about 20 minutes, but that's more due to writing this nonsense than drawing-time.

*          *          *          *          *

I know, I know.

I'm a little late getting the 2012 edition of the blog in motion. I've uploaded some art in draft mode but I haven't had time to write anything helpful, informative or interesting to go with it. 

My goal for blog-improvement this year is to try to make it into something more than just an art-dump. I'm going to try include some tutorials that go step-by-step through my process of creating some of this visual noise I'm making.

BUT! Since I've haven't been able to round up a decent amount of time after my work and commute schedule I'm just going to dump some fresh art.

The End.