Dieting for Dollars

The story for this assignment was about weight-loss-challenge websites where participants compete to reach dieting goals, often with the added incentive of some sort of monetary wager. "Diet betting" is another way of describing it.

Drawn in Photoshop.

There are many variations as to how the competitions work, so there wasn't a universal aspect I could grab ahold of and play with; but my first idea was to focus on the choice between food and money. My impression was that was the motivation.

I showed my rough and it was well-received. The rough was liked so much that I was told to just use that! So, I cleaned it up a touch and colored it.

I had a few days before it was due and I made some noise about how I wanted to go a little further with it, but I was a little busy and chose not to throw another thought at the problem.

When the time came to send it to the page designers I fretted for a few minutes, again worrying that it might not be a clear enough visual. But a page designer or editor dropped in the headline "Dieting for Dollars," which ties it together very well.

Sigh of relief.

I wish I'd been brighter and zanier with the colors; it could have been more exciting to look at that way.

Here's how it appeared on the page:

The End.

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