Painting for Hiking Apps

I know that I type this a lot, but this was a quick turnaround. Chuck Todd, Bay Area News Group Graphics Guru (website here), hit me with a thumbnail sketch and said, "Do this." So I did this.

It goes with a story about mobile apps for the hiker who can't put down his iPhone. Just kidding. Kinda. Actually, the story is more helpful (and less smart-assy) than I am. It's here.

I enjoyed painting so free and loose; I loaded a fairly big picture file so you can see how sloppy it really is!

And here is how it looked in the paper:

The End

Personal notes: I've really fallen behind on the blog and on personal artwork for two months. And the note of optimism struck in my last post -- an intense relief and mild euphoria due to my job location moving MUCH closer to my home -- has been squelched and canceled for the foreseeable future. I can't describe how disappointed I am without frickin' swearing. 

Alas, I'll be unable to put enough time and heart into what I wanted to do, but I'll try to take on little projects and studies so that I can get some more work up here. Maybe it'll help me work off some of the steam.

Pressing on!

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