An Insincere Kiss

This is an old painting of mine, done in late 2001 or early 2002, during my closet-surrealist-discovers-digital-painting phase. I had a small jpeg of this that I posted several years ago but I recently found the original photoshop file on an old backup CD and thought it might be fun to show it again, but a lot bigger this time.

Click for a MUCH larger image.

There is no meaning to the piece, no commentary or point that I'm trying to make. I doodled abstract shapes and painted what I saw. Occasionally I found piece of something that was almost real and I let it take its place in the landscape, but I didn't impose my will on anything that wasn't there on its own.

If you see any shapes or objects within which seem strange or tacky or mildly offensive, well, that's all on you. I am pure. 

The End