Rerun of a Rerun

Here is an update (with tweaks and type) of the previous post.

This kind of thing is a lot of fun for me. It takes me back to that time in my youth (early teens) when I would draw pictures and write stories to go with them, or vice versa. I remember making a magazine cover like this featuring some characters I'd made up after seeing "Star Wars" and "The Rescuers" within a few days of each other ("Future Mice!") and I wrote teaser text like the ones in this picture.

And then I was compelled to create something for each teaser. There was a many-page interview with the mice themselves, a blueprint of their spaceship, a few pages of a comic adventure and a ten (or so) page text story of their first encounter with their robot sidekick. This was done on typing paper and stapled together, with about 30 staples if I remember correctly. Then I stuffed it into a folder that housed all of my favorite artworks. A PeeChee folder, of course.

I don't know where that folder is, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it in mom's attic. How embarrassing THAT would be.

Now, here I am, blankety-blank years later and I have this great idea for "The Matadors of Venus." Oh! if only I had a three month summer vacation like when I was 12! I would have the coolest poorly-stapled faux magazine to show you.


  1. These paintings are insane. You really capture the style of that kind of pulp sci-fi/fantasy art. Wonderful stuff!

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