It has been one of those weeks that tumble slowly by but the tumbling has been a rough and jarring sort of tumbling. That's a roundabout way of saying that yours truly didn't create any interesting doodles this week. So, I found and old blog thing that was sitting in the corner by itself and here it is. "Alfred's Summer Sleep Wear" is its official title and it's a little uncomfortable to look at, but art is not always pretty.

The bonus scribble is Spider-Man! During an idle moment this week I sketched Spider-Man, Wolverine (80's Byrne version), the Rocketeer and a couple of Micronauts-- what a team-up THAT would have been! The only bit of it I finished was this.

the end


  1. When I was a kid I used to be crazy about super-heroes. I grew tired of them, mostly because of awful writing and lame art, but the computer colors were done in a really annoying fashion. The first thing that caught my eye on your Spider-man was the way you colored it, it's really great. Not flat but not too flashy either.

  2. That guy sleeping is a little uncomfortable to look at but also kinda endearing. Thanks for stopping by my blog, since you inspired me to do some smearing of my own... :)

  3. Gabriel: I'm with you! I can't even LOOK at modern comics. I think the current style of coloring is vandalism. I'm all about non-glossy (even newsprint) paper and flat color. Down with photoshop! Except, of course, for me and my friends.

    Eliza: Yeah, I've got to sketch something quick and bump him off the top of the page-- I imagine he'll chase away the more squeamish viewer; makes ME scroll quickly when I tune in.
    Neat to hear you like the smearing thing! There was one guy who was getting a real oil-painting look to his work and that is what set me off on that path. I can't think of his name but it will come to me. Later. Probably.

  4. Great Spidey! You make it look easy!

  5. The Spiderman drawing is great, but the one of the sleeping guy is even better. Great mood in that one.

  6. More spideys please!


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