Monday's Sketch

As I glance over what I've done lately-- this one included-- I see I've been doing a lot of free-standing characters. I'll try to ground them somewhere, or put them in a relationship with something that might be in an environment. It's kind of lazy, drawing people afloat in space. I may not have time for much more than that so don't hold me to it.

This is just some lady. There is a string tied around her leg to remind me that she should be wearing a holster. I sort of forgot about it until I was finishing up the coloring in photoshop. Just imagine there is a holster with a really cool-looking pistol handle sticking out of it. Thanks.

The End.


  1. Nice pose, i really like her hands!

  2. Thanks, Gabriel! I'm very pleased whenever I get a hand comment.
    Hands are always fun for me. I love to see other artists' interpretations of hands. Is the hand a whole unit or is it a palm with five individual personalities sticking out of it?
    I can't figure it out.
    I tend to like wacky hands, myself. Best hand artist of all time? STEVE DITKO! As seen in any Doctor Strange comic he did where the doctor was casting spells like crazy against Mordo, Nightmare or Dormammu.
    Did it just get nerdier in here, or is it just me? Both!