A Page of Stuff

Okay. It's hot. I've soaked a t-shirt under the faucet and put it on. I've turned on the fan and as I scribble I fight the wind for control of the piece of paper. I'm flipping through a book about the old American west and drawing a couple of figures from the old photos. The wind pushes those pages around, too. I give up and draw from my head.

I carry the wind-bent and water-wrinkly paper down to the scanner. I scan. I start to color. Maggie, the most dignified of cats, walks around making a horrid gagging sound before producing the most amazing of hair balls. A true masterpiece. I pause from coloring and perform the hair ball ritual. I finish coloring. About 35 minutes to color and hair ball.

The End.


  1. Facinating page , Jeff. Its a strange collection, and really well done. And I can realate with the heat thing. Its a scorcher in the southern pit of California as well!

  2. These are some nice sketches.

  3. WOW!! These are awesome drawings! Great page!