Quick(ish) Painting

Started this last night after I got home from work and I woke up this morning with the notion of finishing it. After about a half hour of fiddling I decided that it was done, because I was starting to fix things. No fixing, says I. Paint; finish; go on to the next!

That's my outlook today, at any rate.

Just embrace that weird perspective and go on with your life. It's really bugging me. I may delete this if I just can't take it!

The End.


  1. Hey Jeff, I've missed so many great posts! Wow! Your blog is really inspiring! Awesome work. It's a lot to digest!

  2. really cool stuff man! and i agree that cowboys are kickass. its really neat how they are both dirty and armed.i just love how the shiny bullets and guns contrast with their dustcovered sweatstained clothes!

  3. UrbanB: Thanks a lot, I don't go a week without looking at your work!

    antimatty: They are a grubby lot, that's for sure, and though I wouldn't want to hang out with a gunslinger they sure are fun to draw.