Awwww! Barf!

How this happened, paraphrased:

...You have any pictures of cute bunny rabbits? We're looking for art for an Easter Bunny related thing.
...Nah. No cute bunny rabbits.
...Bummer. We need one.
...Sorry, I'm all out of cute bunny rabbits.
...Bummer. Thanks anyway.
...Okay, now, where was I. New photoshop brushes to try out! Yeah. So, what'll I draw? Dang, I can only think of cute bunny rabbits. Well, let's just do a quick one to get it out of my system.
...Hey! Finish that and we'll use it.
...Um. Okay. Ick.

...I have this urge to draw a meat cleaver embedded in his fuzzy little chest. Perhaps a bloody arrow through his widdle head could be sketched in. At the very least there should be a rusty bear-trap awaiting his next bouncing step. Why do I want terrible things to happen to this little rabbit? It's not like me to have these feelings of hatred. But I do. I do.

The End.

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