Sorta Horses

...This is an illustration for an article on handicapping horses. Just what are people looking at when they give a horse the once-over to decide whether they should put their money on him/her?

.The art director gave me a heads-up and a brief description to let me know that it was coming. Based on that description – and taking a purely illustrative approach (as opposed to informative) – I quickly slashed out the portion of the drawing that is in black. I then set it aside.

The editor then came to talk to me about the assignment and I showed him what I had. Great. Go with that. Cool.

When I first slapped down the horse shape, in my mind I had the vision of a pen & ink drawing by Picasso of Don Quixote (a quick search for "picasso quixote" will bring it up.) Of course, now that I see it, it looks nothing like my attempt. The impression of that piece – however wrong my perception of it may have been – what I was aiming for.

Maybe that's how you do new things. From memory, try to imitate something that you think is really cool, and yet have no clear remembrance of.

...This past weekend I spent a fun few hours at Wondercon in SF. I picked up a few Kirby and Ditko books out of the cheap boxes (mid-70's stuff-- some of my favorites!) and chatted with fellow members of the National Cartoonist Association (Northern California Chapter.) A good time was had by all.

Quite a few Contra Costa Times readers came by the table and chatted during my Saturday morning sit-in. I was slouched in my chair behind a few smelly newspaper tear-sheets and portfolio book or two, and though I had a fever and weepy bloodshot eyes, friendly people came over, talked and sifted through my work. I really appreciated the feedback and had a terrific time meeting those folks.

I should do stuff like that more often and I think I will. Comics would be a fun way to make money to pay for cold pills, wouldn't it? Hmm.

A quick photoshop sketch of a horse done just to see if I could. All my horses look like dogs.

Eh. It's alright. Photo reference (so that it wouldn't look like a doberman.)

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  1. These horses illos are awesome!! Love the elegant design in the top piece!!