Sketchbook Project Underway (again)

...I have never been good at keeping a sketchbook. Rotten at it. There's something about all of those blank pages waiting right underneath the one I'm working on. They speak to me and say things like "hurry up!" and, "You'll never be able to draw this many!"
...I have quite a collection of sketchbooks with the first five to ten pages filled with drawings and then 100, 200 blank pages. If you look in at the gutters you can usually find the remnants of pages I've torn out; the offending pages ripped and tossed for fear that someone would see the horrible scribblings I've managed to put to paper.
...My wonderful wife purchased for me, this past Valentine's Day, TWO sketchbooks. Yes. Two.
...One is a moleskine with watercolor paper in it, about 30, 40 sheets. I'm not really big on watercolor and it looks so nice right now. I fear to lay down that first stroke, I fear to splash that first droplet of watercolor.
...The other sketchbook has less intimidating paper in it, to be sure, but he is thick and dense. Two hundred pages? Possibly. He does go on. There is one of those little ribbons sticking out of the spine, so that you can mark your place if you should have to put it down in the middle of a drawing and come back to that spot later without a lot of flipping of the pages. He gives this air that he is something fine but he does not fool me.
...He is nothing without me. So it is he I will first try to conquer.
...I think I will just fill it with heads. Head studies, as in head #1 here, and made up heads, #2. I will try to deface a page or two every day.
The end