More Head Sketchbook Sketches

I like those Pitt brush pens, they really are a terrific tool. How easy they make it to go out sketching, and it's nice to have a brush you can pull out for a quick scribble and, just like that, put the cap back on and go on your way.
...This morning I took the time to pull out the bottle of ink and a winsor & newton #3 brush. I did a quick, loose sketch and then switched over to the w&n. My first jab into the bottle was too deep, drenching the ferrule and almost hitting the handle. Wow, I thought, how long has it been since I've done this?
...Long time.
...This is the way to work, though. You may not be able to tell by looking at my modest doodle-- alas, it does not improve my drawing-- but there is a certain quality to working with wet ink that adds Quality. My bottle of ink is old and thick, so it's akin to laying down a shellac, but it sits so nicely on the paper and it his a texture that you can't get with a brush pen.
...I really like working this way again. Another step away from my total dependence on the computer.
the end.

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