Another Oldie

This is another ancient illustration that I have unearthed upon a backup CD-- carbon dating reveals that the CD was burnt in about 472 BC. This time the topic is how to behave at a gathering of friends and family. I'm pretty sure it was related to the holiday season, but not totally sure. 


Looking closely at the original file, it appears that I drew this entirely in photoshop. This was during a period when I was not completely comfortable drawing digitally from start to finish, and my preference would have been to draw the characters in pencil and then scan them in. This is probably one of my first pure digital productions for my newspaper job.
...The guy on the right, being forcibly fed the broccoli (or whatever that is) is a caricature of yours truly. For years I was obsessed with how I might look when I was older, and I'd often doodle myself as I thought I might look. This was one of those instances.
...I have not resorted to sweater vests as of yet, but that's the guy I'm starting to look like. Yessiree. Hm. Maybe that vest doesn't look half bad! Yeah...
...Just kidding.