Some Monkeys Do

Okay, one more old drawing. This was done about 5 years ago for an opinion piece on medical marijuana. I don't recall the particulars of the story, but I think it was a lighter piece, probably mentioning the "lucky" monkeys in the control group. I don't know what's up with those doctor-types; they're sort of hovering there, not doing much. Maybe one should be holding a bong and the other, a banana! Hindsight! Oh well...

I miss editorial illustrations. We don't get to do those anymore; I would hesitate to to that kind of thing regularly-- it might be dangerous. Our editorial cartoonist was laid off a couple of years ago, and I have a small fear that if I were to do some work for the editorial page I might be mistaken for another editorial cartoonist-- the position is no longer viable in the modern newsroom.

I'm not really an editorial cartoonist kind of guy, but I do enjoy the illustrations. I'm not a politics enthusiast, and I don't follow that sport closely enough to feel confident about commenting humorously about what's going on. I have a quiet but seething hatred for most politics and my first inclination isn't to have a laugh, but rather to spit, or throw tomatoes. A nice, vague illustration for a column, though? I like that stuff.

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