Old Editorial Illustration 1

I'm going through some old stuff again and I've found a few pieces that are interesting enough to show. This one-- a photoshop painting/drawing-- is kind of cool. I have a vague recollection of working on it, but I don't remember seeing it in the paper.
... My old caption describes it this way: Drawn for an opinion piece on U.S./Cuba relations, particularly the sanctions placed on Castro by the W administration.

I do recall feeling that Fidel did not look old enough, and that W didn't look enough like W. Reassessing it now, Fidel's alright-- we can tell who he is, anyway. W? Eh. He's iconic enough now that you only need get close and people can figure it out. I'll give this one a C+.
... Sorry it's not any bigger-- a quick search of the Jeff Durham Digital Archives doesn't have a larger version. I fear it may be on one of those archive CDs on the shelf up there-- see? There are about 200 unlabeled discs up there.
... Truthfully, it may be worse than that. This drawing is old enough that it may be on one of those Zip disks! See, over in the closet, top shelf? See those 3 shoe boxes? Yeah. Hopeless. I don't even have a drive anymore-- just lots of disks.

Man those were expensive.