Fannie and Efram

These two have been in the works for weeks, but I feel like I didn't get to spend consistent, thoughtful time with them.

This was a case where I would drop in for twenty minutes -- draw, erase, re-draw -- and then scoot along to work or what have you. I never had a stretch of time where a story developed as I drew, and they never acquired a sense of character to me; that's not normal. Characters usually take on a life and a history as my mind wanders over them. But these two? I feel like I don't really know them.

Consequently, I never got to the moment where I had the sense that that they were on the verge of being finished. So, this morn I polished them up a little bit and spent an hour or so doggedly hacking in a background. The characters don't seem to belong to each other, and the background doesn't belong to either of them. Weird.

Maybe if I give them names they will blossom into real imaginary characters. Let's see... Fannie Spencer and Efram Ruglump and his floating eye. Nah. Not working.

I'm calling it "done" because I want it out of the way. Done!