An Old Journal Cover

Here's a jpeg I unearthed on an old archive CD. This is something I did back in the early-90s. It's a gouache painting on the cover of a small sketchbook, 3x5 I'd guess.

As I recall, I referenced hieroglyphs from a book about King Tut and incorporated them. 

I haven't seen the real-life sketchbook in years! I wonder if I still have it. Probably not. I occasionally conduct art-purges and old sketchbooks with bad drawings in them don't fare well. Wish I had this little piece, tho!

If anyone ever sees it, snag it for me, would you? I'll meet you and buy you a coffee and a large donut or pastry of your choice. Don't look inside the book, please; I bet there are some embarrassingly awful scribbles on those pages.

The End

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