Clarence Hawley Bolt Doesn't Know Anyone Named Lisa

I don't know anything about him. Only his name. He got on the bus, moved down the aisle and grabbed onto one of the metal poles across from me.

I glanced at him a couple of times because he was twtiching head to the music he was listening to and moving his lips slightly. During a couple of large exhales he whispered a word or two and I was trying to guess what song was playing, but I never quite got it.

His phone beeped and when he answered he said, "Yeah? Bolt here. Hm? Clarence Bolt. Who is this? Michael? Michael who? No." Then he listened for a short time. "No!" He said with anger. "I'm Clarence Hawley BOLT! I don't know anyone named Lisa. BYE!"

He shoved his phone back into his pocket. The bus slowed to a halt and he pulled himself along the poles to the front and jumped out. I haven't seen him since.

Excerpted from "Clarence Hawley Bolt doesn't know anyone named Lisa" by Lisa Fretatta-Clamm, copyright 2004 by the Lisa Fratatta-Clamm estate.

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